PR Visa

PR Visa

With a PR visa, or permanent resident visa, you can visit a country, stay there for a while, and then apply for citizenship. A PR visa can eventually lead to citizenship in several nations. They feel more secure throughout their stay and receive benefits not available to them if they were on a temporary visa thanks to their PR status. A person with a PR visa will enjoy most of the same rights and privileges as a citizen of the country, with the exception of the ability to vote, express political opinions, and hold important government posts.

Top Countries for PR Visa


Various immigration schemes are available in Canada via which you can apply for a status as a permanent resident. The most well-known of these are:

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Express Entry Program

You will be granted the status of permanent resident with a PR visa. A PR visa has a five-year validity period that may be extended.

You still retain your nationality from your home country even after receiving a PR visa. Having a PR visa entitles you to the following advantages:

  • Can later submit an application for citizenship in Canada.
  • Can work, study, and live anywhere in Canada.
  • Able to get the same healthcare and other social benefits as Canadian citizens
  • The safety afforded by Canadian law


The Australian government offers immigrants a number of options for securing permanent status there. The PR visa is valid for five years. You can move to Australia with your family if you have a PR visa. Once you’ve held a PR visa for five years, you can petition for citizenship.

In Australia, there are many different ways to apply for a PR visa. On the basis of your requirements and qualifications, you can choose the best option. Australian public relations strategies that are particularly well-liked include:

  • (Subclass 189) Skilled Independent Visa: This option is for skilled workers. Nevertheless, this visa cannot be sponsored.
  • The Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) is for skilled workers who have been recommended by an Australian state or territory.
  • Regional Skilled Work (Provisional) Subclass 491 This visa imposes a five-year residency, employment, and educational requirement on skilled workers and their families in specific regional areas. They will be qualified for a permanent residency visa after three years.