The Alberta Opportunity Stream was launched in June 2018. This stream is for expats already working in Alberta who have received a formal job offer from an Alberta employer to continue working full-time in Alberta. Candidates for this stream must meet a number of eligibility requirements related to work experience, recruitment, language proficiency and education.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

The Alberta Express Entry Stream was launched in June 2018. This stream allows states to offer state nominations to select candidates with active profiles in the Federal Express Entry system. Alberta automatically considers the Commonwealth Express Entry pool profile. While the exact selection criteria are unknown, AAIP says it seeks candidates who have strong ties to Alberta and can support the region’s economic development and diversification.

Express Entry candidates who receive state nominations through this stream will receive a 600 point boost in the comprehensive ranking system “CRS”. A score that virtually guarantees receipt of an Invitation to Permanent Residency of Canada (ITA) in the subsequent Express Entry lottery.

Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

Under the Accelerated Tech Pathway, certain Express Entry candidates with Alberta status at companies in the technology industry, or in appropriate technical roles, may apply for Accelerated Processing nomination. I can do it.

To qualify for the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway, a candidate must be admitted to her Alberta Express Entry Stream. Candidates must also work in one of the 38 technical positions identified by the AAIP as being in high demand or have a job opening from an Alberta employer who is part of the qualifying technology industry. I have.

AAIP Farm Stream

Alberta Farm Stream is for foreigners with extensive farm ownership and management experience who have the financial resources to start a new farming business in Alberta. Candidates for this branch are required to consult with the province and submit a very detailed proposal outlining their plans to establish a new agricultural farm in Alberta.

Graduate Entrepreneur

The Graduate Entrepreneur Stream provides a pathway to permanent residency for international students who have graduated from an Alberta post-secondary institution wishing to start and operate a business in Alberta. This stream ranks system candidates using point-based expressions of interest. Those with the highest scores will be asked to submit a detailed business application. Successful applicants will receive a provincial recommendation that can be used to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

The Foreign Entrepreneur Stream offers a pathway to permanent residence to recent graduates who have completed a foreign post-secondary credential and who have an intention of starting and operating a business in the province of Alberta. Candidates who meet the minimum stream requirements can register a profile using AAIP’s online portal and submit a Business Application for the chance to start a business in Alberta, and, eventually apply for permanent residence.