Post Landing Services

Our experts also offer advice on efficient job search strategies, professional licensing and registrations, licensing exam preparation, lists of potential employers, and information on the prerequisites for obtaining a license or professional registration in any of these nations. All of this contributes significantly to our clients’ early settlement.

As soon as they arrive in a foreign country, we take care of their airport pickup, offer them discounted rooms at Welcome Homes in exchange for using our guest house services, assist them in obtaining a bank account, credit card, driving licence, government card, locate schools for their children, obtain insurance, and provide a variety of other services.

  • Airport Pickup 
  • Accommodation Assistance 
  • Bank Account Opening 
  • Documents checklist required at the Airport 
  • PR Card assistance 
  • Social insurance number (SIN) 
  • Driving license assistance 
  • Health card assistance

Our counsellors plan advanced orientation seminars to help you have a better understanding of living in your destination country, including banking, health and life insurance, education, travel, banking, and much more. These sessions save our clients’ important time while assisting them in becoming accustomed to living abroad.

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